Bye Bye Beta: New AdWords Interface out of beta

Friday, July 31, 2009 | 9:43 AM

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Back in March, we rolled out a new AdWords interface for businesses in Asia Pacific. When we started building this new interface, we asked ourselves two questions. First, how can we help you get your work done faster? Second, how can we help you find the right tools at the right time to get the best possible performance out of your AdWords campaigns? Today we feel we've made great progress towards those goals, and the new interface is coming out of beta.

We've heard from many advertisers that the new interface has made a material difference to their businesses. Advertisers have saved time with quicker editing, reporting, and account navigation, and improved campaign performance by using better integrated tools to refine their targeting.

In the past months, we've continued to make improvements to the new AdWords interface on a regular basis, fixing issues in response to advertiser feedback and rolling out new features to improve campaign management. Recently, we've added features like spreadsheet editing to support bulk changes to keyword lists, in-line editing to cut the time it takes to make changes, and new in-context help modules to give you answers in the right place at the right time. And we're not done yet -- the new AdWords interface is built on an infrastructure that lets us develop features more quickly than in the past. Stay tuned for new features like location extensions to simplify the local advertising process and custom alerts to help you stay on top of changes in your account's performance. These updates and more will be released to all advertisers in the coming months.

Now that the new interface is out of beta, we're upgrading a larger number of accounts to use the new interface exclusively. If you have questions about the interface, please consult the new interface microsite or check out to a webinar we recently recorded for advertisers in our region.

Finally, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who has helped us test the new AdWords interface over the past five months. Your feedback has been invaluable in making AdWords what it is today. And as always, if you have any comments or requests, please let us know.