Identifying new high-performing keywords for paid search using Google Analytics

Thursday, August 13, 2009 | 5:26 PM

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Google Analytics is a powerful solution for discovering exactly how visitors reach your site and what keywords brought them to it. Online marketers and SEO specialists alike find keyword-level reporting useful to determine keywords that they are not advertising on but should be and keywords that they should be optimising their sites' content for.

Over at the Solutions for Southeast Asia blog, discover how to use Google Analytics to identify new high-performing keywords for your campaigns in seven simple steps. It begins with identifying converting organic keywords using your Google Analytics reports. Next, expand on those keywords using free tools such as Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, and Google Webmaster Tools. Finally, cross-segment those keywords against your paid ones to discover new keywords to leverage in your campaigns. Best of all, these keywords should bring you an additional conversion or two (and hopefully more!) and help increase your ROI. We even provide a simple spreadsheet template that helps you cross-segment these keywords easily.

You can be advertising on new keywords within 7 steps without even having to break a sweat. Start keyword-mining here.