Place Pages for Google Maps

Friday, October 16, 2009 | 8:14 AM

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We recently launched Place Pages in Google Maps - Place Pages are pages with information for every place in the world, from landmarks to cities and everything in between, including, of course, businesses.

You can get to a Place Page by clicking on "more info" in search results, or by clicking "more info" in the mini-bubble on Google Maps. Now, instead of just getting a slightly bigger bubble, you'll get an entire page of details, like photos, videos, a Street View preview, nearby transit, reviews and related websites.

Here's a look at what you can discover about the Sydney Opera House using Place Pages. You have access to the address, local transit information, photos, user reviews, related web pages and more from a single place on Google Maps.

Your clients can make sure their Place Page information is accurate by updating their Local Business Center listings. If your clients need further instruction to add their businesses to the Local Business Center, the video below offers a quick overview of the process and advantages of adding or claiming their business listing. Even if you're already familiar with the Local Business Center, this video provides a helpful overview of the data you can access for your clients' listings such as impressions, top search queries, and where driving directions requests are coming from.