Upcoming Webinar: Learn about the New Features in Google Analytics

Thursday, October 22, 2009 | 7:29 PM

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Google Analytics recently announced a new set of features which builds on last year's enterprise-class feature launch. Some of these will add power to existing capabilities, like the ability to track mobile websites/apps and using an advanced table filter to perform data analysis. Other features will provide new flexibility to further customise and adapt Google Analytics according to the needs of your business. These include the addition of custom variables to the tracking API and easier sharing of Custom Reports and Advanced Segments. Finally, the introduction of Analytics Intelligence allows users to set up specific alerts to signify changes in the data patterns of site metrics and dimensions over certain time periods. All these features nicely come under the mantra "Powerful. Flexible. Intelligent"

Come join Customer Solutions Engineer, Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, from our Southeast Asia office in a 45 minute webinar that will provide an overview and demonstration of these features so you can start using them for you and your clients today.

There will also be opportunity for Q&A, so please be sure to ask your questions beforehand through our Google Moderator event.

When: Friday 30th October 2009
Time: 11am Singapore and Malaysia, 10am Thailand, 2pm Sydney, 4pm New Zealand
Register for this event here