Helping your Clients "Go Mobile"

Monday, November 9, 2009 | 9:53 AM

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Today there are more mobile devices than personal computers and televisions combined: at last count there were 4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide compared to 1 billion personal computer users (ITU, 2009) . With audiences increasingly going mobile, reaching consumers on their mobile phones is a growing and important media channel for many marketers. This unique platform offers many opportunities for your clients to engage with their audience because mobile devices are nearly always within their reach.

AdWords helps you go mobile with ease by extending your clients' search and display campaigns to mobile platforms. Whether you're new to mobile or have been using it since day one, we want to share with you a new resource from the US that will help you incorporate mobile into your marketing campaigns: Go Mobile!

Designed to help you and your clients reach audiences on-the-go, the Go Mobile! site has tips that help you think about incorporating mobile into your clients' marketing campaigns - from ensuring that their site is mobile-friendly to using location-based technologies to interact with their customers. We hope you'll find it useful in helping to connect your clients to their ever-growing base of mobile consumers.