Translate your AdWords campaigns with Translator Toolkit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 | 11:01 AM

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If you advertise to customers in multiple languages or countries, you've probably spent time translating your advertising campaigns. To help make translating faster and easier, today we’ve added AdWords campaign support to Google Translator Toolkit, which includes tools like translation search, bilingual dictionaries, and custom terminology databases.

To translate your keywords and ad text, upload an AdWords Editor Archive (AEA) file into Translator Toolkit, and Translator Toolkit will automatically translate them. You can then share your translations with your multilingual optimisers or professional translators, who can optimise and localise your campaign through Translator Toolkit’s campaign editor.

When you're finished, download your campaign and upload back into AdWords Editor. You can also optimise your keywords and ad text further through AdWords Editor and other tools like AdWords Traffic Estimator.

Of course, reaching foreign-language customers requires more than campaign localisation. To attract international customers, your landing pages should also be translated and, if applicable, your payment and other support systems should be ready for international customers. Check out our help pages for details on how to localise and optimise your campaigns. When you’re ready, give Google Translator Toolkit a try and let us know what you think.