New Google Analytics features now available

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 | 5:56 PM

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We recently announced additional features in Google Analytics to make your life as an analyst easier. Here is an overview of these new features:

* New Setup Wizard - When you now create a profile, you'll notice a new tracking code setup wizard in Google Analytics. This wizard automatically generates the appropriate tracking code according to the setup options specified by you.

* Segmentable Custom Variables - Users can now create an advanced segmentation based on any key, value, as well as key-value combination of all Custom Variables, and see it across all of your reports.

* Custom Reports with Custom Variables - You can also create Custom Reports with any of the key or value dimensions associated with any Custom Variable. Now, you can see how a segment defined by Custom Variables behaves along any of the metrics available in Google Analytics.

* Google Analytics API v2 - We will soon be announcing new features for the Analytics API. The updates will include the availability of support for Advanced Segmentation. In addition, new data dimensions and metrics will be made available, including those in our recently announced features.

Another one of the new features is Annotations, which allows any user with access to a Google Analytics profile to leave shared or private notes right on the over-time graph. A simple note from a colleague can save hours of real work (and frustration) for an analyst who is tasked to explain a usually dry set of numbers. This short video will show you how to use Annotations.

For a complete update, including videos and screenshots, please visit the Google Analytics blog.