Policy adjustment for display URLs

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 | 11:42 AM

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We’ve recently made some policy changes regarding AdWords display URLs. These changes cover hosted domains, new character lengths and display URL re-reviews. We'd recommend you review these changes now as they may affect your AdWords campaigns.

Hosted Domain Policy

As you know, your AdWords ad's display URL must accurately reflect the URL of your website. If you are advertising a site that shares a domain with many other sites, particularly hosted domains, we will require that your display URL contain a subdomain or other path which uniquely identifies the content on your own site. For example:

Destination URL: mycompany.blogspot.com/
Display URL: mycompany.blogspot.com

Destination URL: mycompany.blogspot.com/
Display URL: blogspot.com

The display URL blogspot.com does not clearly identify the landing page to which the user will be taken, because there are many different independent entities hosted from the blogspot.com domain.

Domain Character Length

We will no longer provide exceptions to the display URL policy for domains that exceed the character space, which is limited to 35 characters for text ads and 20 characters for mobile ads. We believe users are best served when the domain displayed in the ad is the same domain as the landing page. Since this is not possible for domains that exceed the current system limitations, we are no longer supporting this exception.

Display URL Re-Reviews

To ensure a positive user experience, we have an existing policy which requires that your ad's display URL match its destination URL (the URL of your landing page.) Over the next couple of months we will be taking additional steps to identify and disapprove all ads in our system which are not currently compliant with the display URL policy. This includes keyword-level destination URLs as these are also considered destination URLs.

Please note that this policy applies to all advertisers, regardless of previous exceptions. To ensure that your ads run without disruption, you can edit your URL(s) to comply with policy. For instructions on editing your display or keyword URLs, please see https://adwords.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=6272&hl=en_US.

Thanks for your understanding, and for helping us to continue to improve the AdWords experience.