Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Friday, March 5, 2010 | 2:05 PM

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Have you ever looked at aggregated data in Google Analytics and wished there was a way to analyze individual audience segments? Google Analytics now makes this possible with advanced and custom segments.

Different types of visitors - whether new, returning, organic, or paid - behave differently to each other and have vastly different expectations. Advanced and custom segments can be a key tool to understand what your visitors want, and how to cater to them. Website owners tell us that they want data about audience segments that visit their site to improve their user experience and conversions.

You can take advantage of this new feature immediately with predefined segments (e.g. new visitors, paid search visitors, iPhone users). You can also tailor segments and create your own custom advanced segments. You can also share custom advanced segments with other users across accounts.

I've included below examples of advanced segments that I've found most helpful.

* Bounced visits
* Visits that dropped out of the funnel
* Brand keyword visits
* Brand keyword (organic) visits
* Brand keyword (paid) visits
* Non-brand keyword visits
* Non-brand (organic) visits
* Non-brand (paid) visits
* Visits from Country X
* First-time buy visits
* Return visit buys

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