Advertising on the iPad? Yes we can!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | 4:52 PM

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Have you got an iPad yet? Like many of you, we’re excited about the release of Apple’s iPad and the promise of tablet computers.

As an advertiser, how can you target your ads on these new gadgets?

In the past year we've launched advertising products that work on a number of devices such as mobile phones with full Internet browsers like the iPhone and those running Android. More than 50% of mobile search queries come from these high-end devices, so they're an important component of any campaign.

To ensure that your ads appear on new mobile devices like the iPad, make sure to select “all mobile devices” in your campaign settings under the “Networks and devices” section in your AdWords account.

If you want to target the iPad specifically, our engineers are busy at work doing the final testing on an option to enable you to do just that. It will appear in the coming days when you choose to “target only selected mobile devices”. Check it out today!