Introducing the Ads Multiplier

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | 2:04 PM

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Do you find yourself creating templated ads for clients where only a few variables change, such as a city, price or product? With the Ads Multiplier, templated ads can now be produced much faster.

The Ads Multiplier is a open source Google Apps Script for Google Spreadsheets that populates AdWords creative templates with a list of user-provided inputs. With the Ads Multiplier, just input variables, create the templated ad text and run the script to generate a new tab with your final ad creatives. The script is triggered via menu option: Ads Multiplier --> Generate Output.

See the screenshots below for an example of what the Ads Multiplier script can produce for Awesome Airlines, a hypothetical travel client:



Completed Ads:

The best way to access and use the Ads Multiplier is through the sample spreadsheet provided here, which includes the example data for Awesome Airlines. Just click on "Use this template" to download a copy of the template into your Google Docs and run the script. You can edit and add new inputs and reuse the template. We do recommend occasionally coming back and getting the latest template from the link here to ensure you have the latest updates to the tool.

For more information on using the Ads Multiplier, please visit the Ads Multiplier wiki.