AdWords Ad Sitelinks: One Feature, Two Formats

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | 11:05 AM

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Ad Sitelinks is an extensions feature in AdWords that allows you to add links to your search ads directing users to specific pages in your website. By providing users with more options, you can make your ad more targeted and relevant to a wide variety of users and can update your ads with seasonal promotions and limited-time offers.

For exceptionally high quality ads, we will show Ad Sitelinks in a two-line format. This format generally applies to queries for your brand terms.

For other high quality ads using more generic keywords, we have launched a new format called one-line sitelinks. The one-line format still offers users additional choice, but does not occupy as much real estate on the screen.

You can get started with Ad Sitelinks with just a few clicks. Simply visit the campaign settings tab in your account, specify up to 10 links to your website in priority order, and AdWords will automatically display up to 4 of them when they are relevant to a user’s search query. There is no need to create new campaigns or ad groups, update your keywords or change your ad text.

Visit the AdWords Help Centre or Google Ad Innovations for more information about Ad Sitelinks.