YouTube Keyword Tool for Promoted Videos

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 | 4:01 PM

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We recently announced the launch of YouTube Promoted Videos in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Promoted Videos is an advertising program that helps anyone with a video - from an everyday user to a major brand advertiser - reach an audience on YouTube or the Google Display Network interested in their content, products, or services.

Selecting relevant keywords is a key factor to seeing success with your Promoted Videos campaign; the right keywords will help you get your video in front of the right audience. But how do you find keyword ideas for your Promoted Video campaigns? We are excited to announce that the YouTube Keyword Tool is now available in English with results that can be customised for your local market. The Keyword Tool allows you to build extensive, relevant keyword lists from one simple interface. You can generate keyword ideas, review traffic estimations for existing and new keywords, and add keywords to your ad groups with this tool.

Here are some best practices to consider when choosing keywords for your YouTube Promoted Video campaigns. Keep in mind that you may need to test different keywords to reach your specific goals.

* Users are searching for video content, so they're less likely to look for something to buy on a video publisher site than they are on a search engine. Users search for topics related to what entertains them, so choose your keywords accordingly: use names for celebrities, titles for movies and television shows, quotes, actions or verbs, objects in the video, or emotions that reflect the content.
* Think about trends in online video overall plus trends on the relevant site, whether it's YouTube or other sites on the Google Display Network. Examples: Hot topics, political awareness, celebrity gossip, popular videos, etc.
* Use video comments and tags on your target sites for new ideas.
* Group your keywords for a promotion by theme. For example, if you have a travel clip of a location in Fiji and another of a location in Africa, each clip should have its own promotion with keywords that are specific to that promotion. Creating a promotion with a travel clip of Africa with Fiji-themed keywords will be less useful for you and users.
* Before creating your promotion, make sure you review the YouTube's advertising policies and the Google AdWords editorial policy for standard text ads for placements on the Google Display Network. Promoted Videos accepts only Family Safe content for promotion, either on YouTube or the Google Display Network.
* Use the YouTube Insight Discovery Tab to see which keywords and referrers are driving traffic to your video for more keyword ideas.
* Use negative keywords to filter our unwanted searches so users who are more likely to be interested in your content see your promotion.

For additional ideas on how to set up your YouTube Promoted Video campaigns, visit our Optimisation Guide in the AdWords Help Center.