Reporting in the Campaigns Tab

Friday, July 23, 2010 | 10:57 AM

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Reporting in AdWords is getting faster and easier! Reports that are currently available in the Report Center under the Reports tab are moving into the Campaigns tab, making advanced AdWords statistics more accessible and actionable. However, you may need a little help getting started so we wanted to show you where some of the frequently used options from the Report Center can be found in the Campaigns tab.

1. Schedule a Report

If you want to receive information about your account’s performance on a regular basis, you can set up reports to automatically run every day, week, or month.

In the Campaigns tab, you can choose a frequency for your report when you create it. Click the “Email and schedule report” link in the download panel to see your scheduling options.

Moreover, you now have the flexibility to modify your report’s schedule at any time. Simply visit the “Reports” section in the Control Panel & Library and change the setting in the “Frequency” column for your report.

For example, if you want to stop running a scheduled report, you can change the “Frequency” column setting for your report to “None,” instead of deleting the report entirely. That way, you can keep the report on hand, in case you’d like to manually generate it in the future.

2. Email a Report

If you would like to email your scheduled reports directly to your clients or colleagues, you can enter their email address so they have the information they need sent directly to their inbox.

In the Report Center, you can enter email addresses of additional recipients when you create a new report. However, it isn’t easy to check which email addresses are associated with individual reports. For example, there’s no easy way to remove a colleague from all reports if he or she leaves the company.

To make your reports more secure, email access to reports from the Campaign tab is now tied to other user access controls for your account. When you create a report, you can choose to email the report to other users of your account. If you want to send the report to someone who doesn’t sign in to AdWords directly (such as one of your clients), click the “My account” tab, select “Access,” and add him or her as an email-only user. Email-only users have limited access to the account.

For additional insight into using the reports through the Campaigns tab, please refer to this comprehensive guide.