One-Line Sitelinks - Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 | 11:21 AM

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We recently announced a new Ad Sitelinks format available called One-Line Sitelinks. This feature allows you to add links to your search ads for more generic keywords directing users to specific pages in your website. We have been receiving many queries from our Agency partners, so wanted to share with you the answers to some of these common questions.

Q: Where can Ad Sitelinks show (both two-line & one-line sitelinks)?
A: Ad Sitelinks can only show in top positions (above the organic results).

Q: How many ads can display Sitelinks on the Google Search page?
A: The maximum number of ads with sitelinks we will show on any one page of results is 2.

Q: How many ads can display two-line sitelinks on the Google Search page?
A: Only one ad per page can show two-line sitelinks. So each page could have (max): (1) one advertiser with two-line sitelinks and one advertiser with oneline sitelinks, or (2) two advertisers showing one-line sitelinks. These are the only options.

Q: How will the system choose which links to show within my ad?
A: You can enter up to 10 sitelinks you'd like to show under "Campaign Settings", but we will only show a maximum of 4 at a time. We'll usually show the sitelinks you put first (what you entered as 1-4), but may use some of your others if the quality of your first 4 is not high.

Q: What are the character limits for Sitelinks?
A: The maximum character length of each sitelink is 35 characters, but we can only fit a total of 70 characters in one-line sitelinks, so keep your sitelinks short (around 16 characters or less) if you want to increase the chance that all 4 show regularly.

If you have any additional questions about Ad Sitelinks, please take a look at this handy one-sheeter.