Is Your Website Easy to Buy From?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 | 2:56 PM

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We recently released the Make Your Website Work e-book to show common pitfalls of website design and review steps that can be taken to improve your website conversions. Today we'd like to delve further into the checkout process on websites, and give some suggestions on areas to test and ways to improve your conversion path.

Many e-commerce websites suffer from low conversion rates. We have compiled a list of e-commerce checkout tips that you may like to test on your own site. Think about testing the following:

1). Product Images & Location
2). Buy Buttons
3). Checkout without Registration
4). Progress Indicators
5). Simple Forms
6). Answer Custome Questions
7). Trust Indicators
and more......

Here is an example of one of the e-commerce checkout tips that you can test on your site.

Do you give your users progress indicators? These are vital and one of the most overlooked elements on many e-commerce websites. A progress indicator is the online equivalent of the shopping centre "You are here!". The main benefit is that users can easily see where they are in relation to completion of the task.

It instantly answers:

1. Where am I?
2. How many more steps till I finish?
3. What can I expect next?
4. Do I get a chance to review my order?

Review all of the tips that you can test to improve your site's checkout process at the Conversion Room Blog.