Ad Extensions Tab Launched

Monday, May 24, 2010 | 4:19 PM

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Late last year we introduced you to the AdWords New Ad Formats Initiative. Many advertisers now use one or more of our three new formats: Sitelinks, Phone Extensions and Location Extensions. We've had lots of positive feedback about these formats, but one improvement we've heard you wanted was reporting on the performance of your ad extensions. We're pleased to announce a new 'Ad Extensions' tab in your account that does just that. If you have set up any type of ad extension (location, phone or sitelinks) within your campaign you will now be able to access detailed reporting in the Ad Extensions Tab. This tab will automatically appear in your account if you have ad extensions enabled.

If you use sitelinks, you'll be able to see statistics like clicks, impressions and CTR for each group for each group of sitelinks (but not individual sitelinks just yet). If you use location extensions, you'll be able to see performance statistics for each address or store that you are promoting. If you use phone extensions, you'll be able to see the number of times someone clicked to open your phone number in their iPhone or smartphone so they could call your business.

So if you use extensions already, or are thinking about trying them soon, look out for the 'Ad Extensions' tab in your account over the next few days.