Ad Planner - Greater Integration with AdWords

Monday, May 31, 2010 | 11:10 AM

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We are introducing several new features that integrate DoubleClick Ad Planner data with other Google advertising products such as AdWords. These features help advertisers streamline the process of planning online campaigns and make better informed media planning decisions based on the latest Ad Planner data.

Exporting Google Display Network Placements to AdWords
Many Ad Planner users are also AdWords users, and one of their most frequently requested features is a simple and easy way to buy Google Display Network placements through Ad Planner. The newly launched Export to AdWords feature helps advertisers do just that. Advertisers can now export Google Display Network placements from Ad Planner into AdWords. These exported placements will show up as a new campaign or ad group within AdWords.

For advertisers running text ads or display ads on the Google Display Network, this new feature provides an easy way to build media plans and translate the audience research data in Ad Planner into effective AdWords placements.

Creating Lists in Ad Planner
To help you create your own list of favorite sites to save and add to your media plans, we also recently launched “Lists” in Ad Planner. With “Lists”, you can store sites and placements in lists to use in future media plans.

Our goal with these recent updates is to deliver advertisers tools to make smarter planning and more informed advertising decisions. Please visit to check out our new features!