Reach your customers on YouTube with Video Targeting

Thursday, May 20, 2010 | 9:48 AM

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Advertisers large and small have had great success targeting their ads to relevant videos on YouTube, which is why we’ve been developing tools that give advertisers even more control over exactly where their ads appear on the site and who sees them. As part of this effort, we introduced Video Targeting, a tool that helps advertisers place their text, image, and video ads on relevant partner videos on YouTube. Today, we’re making that tool available to advertisers in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Korea as well as introducing a few new improvements.

Video Targeting is modeled after similar Google planning tools and pretty much does what it says: it gives advertisers more control of their ad campaigns by letting them choose specific YouTube partner content they'd like to target. Advertisers can target videos based on keywords (like politics or fashion), viewer demographics (like age and gender), interest-based categories, or some combination of the three. Or, if an advertiser has a video in mind, they can see if it's available to target specifically. Video Targeting Tool is integrated with Google AdWords and makes it easier than ever for advertisers and agencies to run integrated, targeted, and measurable campaigns across the Web. Here’s how it works:

Video targeting is one way we’re opening up YouTube to new display advertisers. Last March, we added a new template to Display Ad Builder that makes it easier for advertisers to create image ads for YouTube, such as InVideo overlays and companion ads. Display Ad Builder is a self-service tool within AdWords that helps advertisers create and run display campaigns in minutes. Our goal with tools Video Targeting and Display Ad Builder is to make display advertising accessible to and easy for any advertiser. In the long run, this means more useful and relevant ads on YouTube and across the Web.