Google Instant: Rolling out to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & India

Thursday, October 7, 2010 | 12:27 PM

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Today we began the launch of Google Instant in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India. Google Instant is an innovative new Google interface that predicts the user’s query as they type and instantly shows updated results. This new interface applies to both search results and related ads.

Google Instant is an important step in helping users find information quickly and easily -- people can see their search results the instant they type words into the search box. It’s an interactive search experience that helps users build queries that return results more closely tailored to their needs.

It’s possible that you might notice changes in the number of impressions your clients’ ads receive depending on how users search with this new feature. With Google Instant, we expect increased user engagement with our search services, including ads.

We’re launching Google Instant in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India for users with modern browsers gradually over the next few weeks, so you may not see it immediately.

If you would like more information about Google Instant, please take a look at the video below, or visit the AdWords Help Centre.